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Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL (from hereafter “ABC Legal SL”) are NOT solicitors, we are independent specialists with expertise in many areas of timeshare law.
ABC Legal SL owns and operates the following brands and websites; ABC LawyersTimeshare Compensation, Timeshare.lawyerValueMyTimeshare and Timeshare Advice.
Our Timeshare Specialists are here to help in all areas of timeshare law including; timeshare contract evaluation, timeshare cancellation, timeshare exits, timeshare compensation, timeshare release and general timeshare advice.  ABC Legal SL pride ourselves in being able to advise timeshare owners of their options and offer support and services tailored to you.
We offer our face-to-face services in Bournemouth, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York or Tenerife to discuss your individual needs and assess your case with you, so you understand the process, costs and outcome.  If you are looking for friendly, professional advice regarding your timeshare with a company that has a proven track record, you have come to the right place.
Please read the reviews sent in to ABC Legal SL and its associated brands, which have been written by our happy clients.  These glowing testimonials are some of the hundreds of endorsements received, out of over 4,500 clients that we have helped to exit their unwanted timeshares; of which there have been over 5,500, and the thousands of owners to whom we have provided a compensation evaluation service.

Reviewed by Mr & Mrs Hobday

“We decided to look into exiting our Timeshare, maintenance fees were enormous and very difficult to get anywhere. We had actually been waiting 20 years to get to Madeira. I searched the Internet, and spoke with half a dozen companies, and ABC Lawyers were by far the best I spoke with.  I have found the whole process, from telephone calls in the beginning, and the meeting, very explanatory. The staff have been so accommodating and helpful, in fact I bought one a little gift as a thank you. I haven’t been disappointed in any way.”

Reviewed by Mr & Mrs Bradbury

“The meeting was great. We didn’t think we would even have a chance of getting out of our timeshare, so when we found out how much we could get back in compensation, I burst into tears. At the moment, it is only my wages paying for the timeshare, and I don’t want to be tied into working forever. We want to enjoy our retirement, and we have not been able to do so. We haven’t been on holiday for two years, so we will definitely be treating ourselves once this is over. We came in here a bit sceptical. We were getting sick with worry because we didn’t know what to do or how we were going to get out of the timeshare. We would definitely recommend you.”

Reviewed by Mr & Mrs Knox

“We have been completely mis sold our timeshare, and need professional help in getting out of it. We have been owners for a few years, and now have been moved onto a point system, which is not fit for our purpose. There has been contact between ourselves, the finance company and the resort, but we have achieved nothing. Plus, we have been contacted by another company, saying they wanted to help, but not in the least interested in us, just the upfront fee. Hence, I instigated an online chat with ABC Lawyers. There was a discussion about how they could help us, via their chat box conversation. The lady was very knowledgeable, so we decided to follow on with a visit to York, to speak about our plight with Wayne. All in all, a very easy meeting. It was important there was no pressure or bullying, due to previous encounters, but we feel comfortable with the decision we have made today.”

Reviewed by Mr & Mrs Cuttress

“When we rang up, after seeing the newspaper advert, we were apprehensive, but knew we had to do something about our timeshare. We haven’t used it for a good number of years, and still pay the maintenance, because we had to. We both thought it was a complete waste of money, not using it but still paying for it. When we came down to Bournemouth, the hotel we stayed in was lovely, so this was a great start. When we arrived in the Bournemouth office, we were greeted by our advisor, with such warmth and friendliness. Lisa explained the process to us in great detail, and even went through it again so we could write our own notes, in case we forgot anything.  We feel that we have an excellent experience with you from start to finish, Thank you ABC Lawyers, we would highly recommend you to our friends and family.”

Reviewed by Mrs Rees

“I have been involved in Timeshare for over 40 years, originally through my parents, which I ended up taking over because of the increasing cost and stress. I ended up being exactly the same as them, drawn into offers of investment, rental income etc. I have spent years trying to escape, only to find I was further and further involved, and financially its shocking.  I have spoken to various companies over the years, and more recently looked at getting rid of the timeshare. I narrowed it down to just a couple of companies, and I chose ABC Lawyers as they were the least pressing, the most informative, and gave me breathing space, rather than bombarding me with calls day after day. I was still sceptical when I met my Senior Claims Assessor, but am now confident that I know longer will have the financial or legal responsibility of the Ownership’s. Whilst I never had any idea I could be entitled to any compensation, it will be something to look forward to, rather than the investments that were never investments.  I know of at least 5 other people that were in the same position as me, and I can’t wait to pass ABC Lawyers details on.”

Reviewed by Mr Horrocks

“I came across ABC Lawyers by chance.  After sadly losing my wife, a few years back, I had never used my timeshare since.  We had many happy holidays there with the family, but thought now was the time to get rid of it. I contacted ABC, and was over the moon with the friendly and professional service I received.  I have told all my family and friends how good they are and would, without a doubt, recommend ABC Lawyers, as I am totally grateful for them getting me out of my timeshare.  I am now enjoying lovely holidays a bit closer to home.”

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Total number of exits includes those conducted by ABC Lawyers, ABC Legal & Monster Rewards.

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On Thursday 18 October, 2018

Another Regency Club owner has successfully exited their timeshare contract with ABC Lawyers due to financial circumstances

On Wednesday 17 October, 2018

Mr Robinson decided to use the services of ABC Lawyers to help him exit his timeshare contract due to the ever increasing maintenance bills

On Tuesday 16 October, 2018

ABC Lawyers have Assessors who can advise on timeshare contracts that also include Points & Fractional Ownership

On Monday 15 October, 2018