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Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL (from hereafter “ABC Legal”) are NOT solicitors, we are independent specialists with expertise in many areas of timeshare law.
ABC Legal owns and operates the following brands and websites; ABC LawyersTimeshare Compensation, Timeshare.lawyerValueMyTimeshare and Timeshare Advice.
Our Timeshare Specialists are here to help in all areas of timeshare law including; timeshare contract evaluation, timeshare cancellation, timeshare exits, timeshare compensation, timeshare release and general timeshare advice.  ABC Legal pride ourselves in being able to advise timeshare owners of their options and offer support and services tailored to you.
We offer our face-to-face services in Bournemouth, Stratford-Upon-Avon, York or Tenerife to discuss your individual needs and assess your case with you, so you understand the process, costs and outcome.  If you are looking for friendly, professional advice regarding your timeshare with a company that has a proven track record, you have come to the right place.
Please read the reviews sent in to ABC Legal and its associated brands, which have been written by our happy clients.  These glowing testimonials are some of the hundreds of endorsements received, out of over 4,500 clients that we have helped to exit their unwanted timeshares; of which there have been over 5,500, and the thousands of owners to whom we have provided a compensation evaluation service.

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Legal Exits Completed

Total number of exits includes those conducted by ABC Lawyers, ABC Legal & Monster Rewards.

ABC Lawyers Latest News

ABC Lawyers have received 122 new enquiries regarding the exit of timeshare contracts so far this month

On Wednesday 16 January, 2019

ABC Lawyers ask all of our clients to rate our services, see our reviews page by clicking the below link

On Tuesday 15 January, 2019

Last week ABC Lawyers successfully exited 3 timeshare owners from their timeshare contracts

On Monday 14 January, 2019

This week a Palms Golf and Country Club owner has successfully exited their timeshare contract using the services of ABC Lawyers

On Friday 11 January, 2019

So far this month ABC Lawyers have successfully exited clients from resorts such as CLC, Diamond Points, Hollywood Mirage Club, Palms Golf and Country Club, Sheraton Vistana, and Westgate Town Center just to name a few

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On Thursday 10 January, 2019
We knew someone who worked...

… in Tenerife and decided that we would come along to ABC Legal and find out what our options were. We met with Stuart, he was professional and helpful, he was very good with us. The service so far has been good, I have been kept informed. I would rate the service 5*. They did a lot of work to achieve my exit and it was all within a satisfactory timescale. Cheyne, my Legal Liaison Officer kept me updated throughout. I would certainly recommend the services of ABC Legal to others if they were looking to exit from their timeshare.

£21,947 won for our client against Azure

… After help from ABC Legal, Mr & Mrs Kearney pursued and successfully won a total of £21,947 against Azure, Malta.
Their story below is an all too familiar one; the falsified comments made by the sales representative on the day of their purchase did not coincide with what ended up being in their contract. This was the main grounds for The Financial Ombudsman upholding their claim and forcing compensation to be paid to the client.

Read more here

We haven’t used out timeshare...

… for quite a while as we have been exchanging our week. So many things have changed over the last couple of years and it’s not a pleasure to go anymore. We much prefer to stay in a Hotel nowadays and let someone else make our bed, it feels much more like a holiday. We are happy to let ABC Lawyers take care of the legalities on our behalf and look forward to luxury holidays in the future.