There´s always somebody ready to jump on the back of the latest scam.  Only recently there were reports on the sentencing that the Directors of EZE Group received.  What an opportunity Adam Hussain, the director of A & K Advisory Ltd thought, let´s contact EZE Group clients – and tell them we have been appointed by the High Court to inform them that the court is holding money due to them!

George Smith and Jill Rutherford have been busily calling from 01422 400223, a Halifax number and an address of 20 Cow Green, Halifax, England, HX1 1HX, claiming to be able to get these ex EZE clients back all the monies they paid with an additional £2000.  Too good to be true? Well as we often say, it probably is!

Our first major concern – how did they get their hands on the EZE Group database?  These individuals have very accurate information including what was purchased, when, how much for and full contact details for each client.  The simple answer is either these scams are being set up by ex-employees who have stolen the details or the client’s details have been purchased from ex-employees as they seem to have a very good knowledge of the company’s previous business.

A & K Advisory were registered with companies House in December 2017, their Director, Adam Hussain, Payments Manager Martin Jacobs, and also David Eaton who is also calling with the sales pitch,  that for a nominal processing fee, of £725, they will carry out all the work required to achieve your refund and the additional £2000 bonus.  Although, no one seems to be sure where this extra money is coming from!

The bad news is that you have to pay upfront by BACS transfer so you will not have the added protection a credit card payment would entitle you to.  BACS, previously known as the Bankers Automated Clearing Services is a bank to bank transfer of monies, but Martin Jacobs, and David Eaton will inform you that the monies will be held in an ESCROW account for 10 days, no doubt to reassure you that your money is safe. However, this account is usually in an individuals’ name.

Please take note this company, along with many others spouting the same old lies, are only out to take money from you; there is no money being held ´in a fund´ by either the High Court in Madrid, or in the UK, Birmingham Crown court and no court will appoint or retain a private or third party to make contact with potential victims.  If your names have come up in any seized documents, then you would be contacted by the authorities and asked to give a statement.

Further to this the Spanish courts are not even involved in any case against EZE Group.  It is always best not to get involved with any company that require payment upfront; although £725 may not seem like a large sum to invest to get all your hard-earned money back, but from A & K Advisory´s business point of view it is very lucrative, if only 100 clients fall prey, that is a healthy £72,500 in their bank account and they don´t have to continue that for too long before their bank account begins to look very healthy!

As always, please check with us if you have any concerns regarding a company that has called you and we will endeavour to give you impartial information.