About Advertising and pre-contractual information, Spanish Timeshare Law, nº 4/12 (Articles 7 to 10) Jun 20, 2014

Each Law has different articles and here we explain part by part what the law says about it.
Article 7 – Advertising: This article states very clearly that any timeshare rights or holiday product can not be sold as an investment. Advertisements and offers have to clearly state where consumers can obtain pre-contractual information.Invitation to any promotional events or sale must clearly indicate the commercial purpose and nature of that act.

Article 8 – Regarding the information requirements, all pre contractual information must be on paper and provided to the consumer prior to the contract.

Article 9 – this is giving more specific information about the pre contractual information. This has to be given before the consumer accepts any offers.

All sellers must provide accurate and sufficient information, in a clear manner.

Any of the above information has to be included in the Standard Information Form, which must be signed by consumers before signing any contract.

This information must all be in the same language as the consumer.

Article 10 – Is the right to withdrawal and prohibition of any payments in advance. The trader should inform the consumer before the contract has been concluded, the existence of the right to withdrawal, the time scale and any bans of advance payments that is referred to in Article 13.