As we all know Africa really struggles with not only the cleanliness of their water, but the amount of water they can find. Many of the villagers must walk for miles to find water that is not even clean enough for them to drink.

ABC Admin Services Ltd, who manage all administration and post in the UK for Advanced Business Consultants Legal SL (trading as ABC Legal), have an office located in Salisbury, who have purchased water coolers from AquAid. AquAid work closely in helping The Africa Trust bringing clean water supplies into African villages.

For every water cooler and bottle of water that has been purchased by ABC Legal from AquAid, a donation has been put in our name on behalf of The Africa Trust.
Today ABC Admin Services received a very rewarding email asking us to aid their new project that involves installing additional water wells, which are called Elephant Pumps, into villages and schools all over Africa.

This will help the families of the villages be able to cook, wash and drink clean water, which will help in the development of their children and the general health and sanitation of everyone.
Adding Elephant Pumps into schools will help children keep up their daily water intake. Children need to be drinking anywhere between 1.6 litres and 2.1 litres every day, especially in the heat conditions that they are living in. Receiving this water will stop dehydration problems that children unfortunately go through every day.

The Elephant Pumps that will be installed will be inscribed with the company name of ABC Admin Services, along with thank you letters from both the villagers and the pupils.
Throughout the UK & Europe, we are very lucky to have the option of clean water, whenever we want it. Just by purchasing coolers and bottles from AquAid, we have helped save thousands of lives.

To date, AquAid have brought water to 82 thousand people across Africa, with over 5,000 Elephant Pumps throughout villages and schools and donations of up to £5,735,120.
ABC Admin Services feel very proud to be a part of this project and want to carry on helping bring water into the everyday lives of African villages.