Anfi warns of historic charges

Anfi members have been told they will have to pay for 

their historic holidays after being nullified from their

timeshare contracts

ABC Lawyers would like to follow up on behalf of a letter that was sent out to Anfi members, from the CEO of the Anfi Group.

The letter states, how Anfi has asked the courts for approval to charge clients who have had their timeshare contracts nullified in court, for any historic holidays that they have taken.

Anfi have said, once the courts have approved their proposition, they will be in a position to charge their previous members for their past holidays.

Apart from the fact that Anfi are trying to charge any nullified members for previous holidays, they are also telling existing members not to use law firms to help them exit form their timeshare contracts.

Instead, they are asking members to speak to the Anfi Group first to see if they can come to an agreement regarding their options so their members do not have to go through “unnecessary legal processes”.

Please see the letter written by the CEO at Anfi below:

Dear Anfi Member

We would like to warn you about the sales activities of some law firms. Several Anfi members have contacted us and asked for help after being approached by these firms without any form of consent:

Our members are asking or telling us:

·That they want our help in getting out of court cases instigated by these law firms.

·They are asking why they have received unsolicited approaches at home, or in their Anfi apartment, to sell legal services. Many wonder how these law firms have found their name and phone number and some have asked for help with reporting these calls to the Spanish Data Protection Offices.

·Some clients have signed documents but have no copies of them. They are worried that they might have lost their membership rights to the law firm.

·Some clients have even been dragged from the street once they mentioned they are Anfi Members. They have been told that they can sue Anfi and get back as much as five times that they initially paid for their weeks, which is an untrue claim.

·And they have been told that their contracts with Anfi are not valid and will not be honoured by Anfi. This is false. Anfi honours all contracts that we have made with our clients.

We are sorry that these law firms have been harassing you, our members. We do not know how or where these firms get hold of your names and phone numbers. If any of them contact you, please get in touch with our Customer Service Department through Tel. (+34) 928 152 990 or email: as soon as possible, so that we can offer you our help and adequate information.

In addition to using aggressive sales methods, these law firms are informing our clients’ of incomplete and untrue information.

Please be aware of the following facts:

It is not true that Anfi is losing all the court cases. And it is not true that Anfi has tried to “fool clients”. Anfi has never tried to “fool” anyone. The Spanish Supreme Court has stated that Anfi acted in good faith when selling perpetuity contracts. For many years, perpetuity contracts were standard contracts in timeshare resorts. The reason why one member had her contracts deemed void in the Supreme Court in 2015, was that the judge chose a new interpretation of the law. This new interpretation was a surprise to the whole timeshare industry and to the legal community. Nevertheless, this Supreme Court ruling has created precedence and is today being followed by lower courts. As a result, the courts are nullifying perpetuity contracts, and clients are in some instances being awarded some money back when they terminate their relationship with Anfi in court. And it is simply not true that suing Anfi is “easy money”. Claimants, who have cancelled their perpetuity contracts in court and are due some money back, may be surprised to receive less than they were promised by the lawyers. The reality is that law firms are not telling their clients that legal processes are lengthy and will take time. Nor are they telling them about their future financial liabilities when taking Anfi to court:

·They will have to pay legal fees (which are paid by each party not exclusively by Anfi).

·Commission will need to be paid to the lawyers once a contract has been declared null and void, which can be 30%.

·Claimants will need to attend court hearings and will incur flight and accommodation costs.

·Court costs may increase if the case goes beyond 3 or 4 years.

·And they will need to pay Anfi for the holidays they have spent in the resort over the years.

Therefore, when our customers are approached by these companies with the slogan “you will receive back the amount paid for your timeshare and even more” this can sound very attractive. However, this will not be the case. In addition and very important, if we take into account all costs and expenses that may arise and length of the process and hearings, our customers must also consider other options as resale his week, even if the resale price quoted is lower than the full amount paid when purchasing the contract. It is understandable that members have enjoyed the membership for several years. Anyway, Anfi will also consider personal circumstances.

The Supreme Court has accepted the principal that Anfi should be paid by these members. It is currently considering Anfi’s position that it offers high quality accommodation and facilities in an excellent location that warrants a higher charge than the Court had previously estimated. As soon as this is resolved then Anfi will be in a position to charge Members whose contracts have been declared null and void for their past holidays at Anfi.

Anfi provides superior standard accommodation at a cost which is lower than similar accommodation in Gran Canaria. The lower cost is made possible because the time-share concept provides holidays over a long period of time. This is why Anfi has asked the courts to determine a fair market price for weeks used at Anfi for clients who have had their timeshare contracts nullified in court.

We know that the vast majority of Anfi members are happy with their timeshare in our resort. We are sorry that a limited number of members have taken our resort to court, hurting our entire community.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Department if you have any questions regarding this issue. We would rather talk to you about the options than you become involved in unnecessary legal processes. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely

Jose Luis Trujillo


Anfi Group

ABC Lawyers would like to say…

ABC Lawyers have exited over 6,000 timeshare owners from their timeshare contracts.

No clients who have exited their contract through our services have had to step foot in a court room, nor have they had to deal with any “unnecessary legal processes”.

We are not lawyers, or solicitors, we are purely an exit company who deal with all the stress on behalf of our clients, either through the resort themselves or through our own team of legal contract specialists.

We can not speak on behalf of the courts, however what Anfi has asked from them is quiet unlikely to happen. Once someone has been nullified from their timeshare contract, they are no longer liable for any charges that the resort asks for.

As an extrication company we would like, not only Anfi members, but for all timeshare owners to know that if you are no longer happy with your timeshare membership, the resort, or the on going maintenance bills, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like more advice on the exit of your timeshare, then please do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below.

One of our helpful advisors will call you back within 24 hours.

Clients who have done an exit process

with have said the following:

I saw a full-page advert in the local Daily Record and I contacted you. I had a bad experience about 5 years ago and lost quite a bit of money, so I have been very wary, even when I was out in Tenerife, but everything has been hunky-dory and everyone has stayed in touch with me. At the meeting we saw Jean-Pierre, everyone has been professional and have kept me up to date. I always get a reply and a phone call back if there is no one available. So far, I have no complaints. My exit certificate has been received and within the timescale. I actually know people who are coming to see your company soon. The reason we have decided to exit was because I didn’t want my son and daughter to be left with it and if I knew someone else who had a timeshare then I would certainly recommend your services.

Mr & Mrs Smith

We initially spoke to someone over the telephone and went across to Tenerife and spoke to Jean-Pierre. Everything was very professional, and we were given all the details we needed. We are in contact over email and we have now received our exit certificate. The timescale was good as we weren’t expecting it for a few weeks. We are just waiting for some compensation. I would rate the services a 4.5/5 and if I knew anyone else with a timeshare I would recommend ABC Lawyers.

Mr Morton & Mrs Coulson