Exit Your Timeshare Now

We currently live in a world where the customer is always right. If a consumer feels they haven’t received good service or they have paid for goods that in reflection aren’t what they expected, they have the right to complain with the expectation of things being corrected.

Consumers can be happy in the knowledge that their rights have been protected. However, there is definitely a downside. Popular, trusted companies are being affected by this and even a minor infringement could result in their reputation being slighted. Competitors could take advantage of this. There are also reports that a number of unaffected consumers are abusing this right for personal gain with no regard for the damage this could cause the company. It has recently come to light that false claims for compensation have be made with regards to ‘holiday sickness’.

If someone comes across an advert, whether it be on the TV or radio, online or in the press, that they believe to be untruthful, offensive or misleading in any way they can raise their concerns and make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). It doesn’t matter how minor that complaint is or if it is the only one received, an investigation is likely to be undertaken. The purpose of the (ASA) is to make sure that when the UK media release their adverts they are in line with the Advertising Codes.

Once a complaint has been received, the ASA, who are inundated with complaints, they will look into any concerns and contact the advertiser, with the hopes that the investigation will be informally resolved, and the company acknowledges their error and either amends or withdraws the advert. In cases where this doesn’t happen a formal investigation will take place.

The ASA publish all their rulings every week with regards to investigation rulings, they even include any investigations that were informally resolved. The most recent listing, dated 15th November 2017, states that there were 20 investigated rulings, including six UK universities and the Royal Mail Group. Also listed were 46 informally resolved investigations. On the latter list many credible companies were named, including Virgin Media, Amazon, Ebay (UK) Ltd, Mothercare, Holland & Barrett, Iceland Foods and even Telegraph Media Group.

Combine what you have read above with the information given in Timeshare.lawyer press release and you will see that in the current climate, consumers are definitely being protected but how long can this really continue if abused? Companies like the ASA and the PPI industry receive unprecedented amounts of complaints and claims due to this consumer lead culture and the economy and staffing levels of these companies are unlikely to be able to sustain this long term if the numbers increase due to false claims. There will be a tipping point, as seen already with the PPI industry announcing there will be a cut off and end date for claims to be made.


It is possible that a similar situation may occur across other compensation based industries, including timeshare compensation. This means that people looking to make a legitimate claim for timeshare compensation or those looking to exit their timeshare need to take advantage of doing so now before it becomes too late.  Visit www.TimeshareCompensation.co.uk or www.Timeshare.lawyer for more information on how they can help.