Important Information

ABC Legal’s identity and geographical address:
Advanced Business Consultants Legal, S.L. trading as “ABC Legal”, a Spanish company.
Registered office and trading address: Avda Bruselas, CC Fañabe Plaza 338, Costa Adeje, 38660, S/C de Tenerife
Registered company number: B-76721562
VAT number: [insert if applicable]

ABC Legal’s phone and email details: 0800 084 3911,

The main characteristics of the service: A service helping you to “Exit” from your timeshare contract by correspondence with the resort. NB. See the important definition of “Exit” in paragraph 2.1. of the attached contract. Exit means either a settlement agreement with the resort or a letter from us saying that we think that the resort is likely to treat the timeshare contract as if it had been terminated and is unlikely to take action against you. NB We can’t guarantee that Exit will be achieved or that the resort won’t sue you. Note we are not solicitors.

What’s expected of you:
1. Answering questions regarding your timeshare and completing a questionnaire and other forms.
2. Supplying documents, where available, and generally co-operating with us.
3. Not corresponding with the resort.
4. Paying our fee when applicable.

Total price: [£Insert] including any applicable VAT, payable [in advance / on Exit].

“Cooling off”: Separately from your right to end the contract after 12 months (see below), you can cancel the contract (i.e. unwind the contract as if it never happened) within the 14-day cooling off period with a refund of any fees paid. Please see the “Cooling Off’ section in the attached contract (section 5).

Period of the contract and your obligations: We will start work on your case within two weeks. The contract starts when signed by both of us and continues until Exit is achieved or the contract is otherwise ended by you or us as explained in the contract. Your obligations last for so long as the contract lasts (i.e. until there is an Exit or you or we end the contract).

Where we end the contract for good reason / fees for work done: We may charge you a reasonable fee at £240 per hour including any applicable VAT (capped at £2,400 including VAT) for work done if we end the contract for the following reasons: (a) you don’t fully co-operate with us; (b) you take other steps to exit the timeshare contract or you correspond directly with the resort; or (c) you breach confidentiality including discussing our services on the internet.

Your right to end the contract: You are entitled to end the contract after 12 months from the Start Date.

After-sale assistance: For assistance please contact us using the contact details above.