Timeshare compensation claim review by mrs gratrick

Reviewed by Mrs Gratrick

When we first went to visit our timeshare resort, we had no intention of purchasing a membership. We have owned it for three years now, and the first time we used it was last September, because we were offered a free week.  It is a lovely resort and we enjoyed it, but it was only a free week, and we decided to take it because the initial problem for us to be able to use our timeshare is the cost.

We decided to exit and claim because we were initially sold worldwide weeks, as well as the week at our resort. However, when we wanted to book a holiday through them we struggled to find quality accommodation. Before we came to ABC Lawyers, we contacted a couple of other companies, whom we spoke with over the phone, but you were the first company that we actually decided to meet with. We found your information online while we were searching for companies to deal with our exit.

We went to visit your office in Stratford-Upon Avon, the details of the appointment were very clear, and we only live about an hour and a half away, so it was no bother.  Our advisor Jo was very friendly and clear, and all the other good stuff that you can say.  In the meeting, we were told that the exit could take up to 1 year, but you guys have managed to do this in just a few months, so you have exceeded my expectations with the timescale. You made the process look simpler than I expected it to be.

We received back £21,160 in compensation from our home resort and that’s fantastic.  My overall experience has been really positive, and I think it’s not a bad value for money, as you guys are specialists, and we are paying for your knowledge.

I would recommend you to any of my friends and family.