There are lots of very well-known hotel brands/chains which also offer timeshare properties, however, they do so under the guise of a different name, so you may not know who your timeshare company is actually affiliated to and this could mean it’s a major player in the holiday game.

One of the most common themes for timeshare companies is to offer incentives to encourage potential consumers to listen to the timeshare sales pitch. In lots of cases, these incentives are given simply for sitting through the pitch (i.e. you haven’t had to sign up to a contract, just turn up to the pitch). It may sometimes feel like it is hard to believe that these incentives can be real because, how can any company afford to give such things away with the potential of no return. Timeshare companies (in all their guises) budget for these incentives and they know what they can offer people (who may not bite) and they don’t carry a risk of losing money. The incentives can range from free meals to free hotel stays (all very tempting!), however, the rewards for the timeshare businesses outweigh any potential ‘losses’ from their giveaways.

In fact, the timeshare presentation can be a win-win for all involved. It is an opportunity for the timeshare companies to spread the word about their business and the potential consumer has the opportunity to learn more about whether the timeshare choice may be a good fit, and truth be told, even if you are not interested at all in owning a timeshare, you could bag yourself some free goodies just for spending some time and listening to what the sales representative has to say. (just be aware that the time you spend could be several hours, so be prepared!). You do need to make sure you keep your wits about you and stick to your guns if you really do not want to purchase a timeshare. The sales tactics used can often be very convincing, sometimes aggressive and sometimes very difficult to say no to. Just remember, no one can force you to sign anything or do anything you don’t want to do, if you feel intimidated or in a situation that is making you uncomfortable, get up and leave!

There are lots of major hotel chains, like Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG, offer some sort of timeshare brand. If you’ve ever stayed at these hotels, it is likely that you will be contacted by phone or by mail to be invited to a timeshare presentation, also being a member of a loyalty program will probably also flag you up in the system for an invite as well. As with lots of other brands and products you will also see promotional materials in opportunistic locations, mail drops, flyers, and people offering opportunities face to face.

If, however, you simply want to ask for an invitation, you can call the company you want to see and ask for an invite, they will be thrilled to offer you one without a moment’s hesitation! There could also be opportunities for you to negotiate better freebie and deals, be savvy and a bit a cheeky if you need to be, there are certainly no holds barred from the sales representatives, therefore, go with the same mentality!

You should not ever have to pay to attend a timeshare presentation, again only with your time (and definitely your will power!)

Here is a note of some of the hotel chains in the United States of America that have timeshare opportunities:
Hyatt which is known as the Hyatt Residence Club, they have great incentives and offer luxury accommodation.

IHG calls their timeshare brand Holiday Inn Club Vacations, who again offer great incentives, but different levels of timeshare ranging from a more reasonable offering to top notch luxury suites.

Back in 2013, Choice Hotels ventured into the whole timeshare ownership segment by partnering with Bluegreen Vacations as their preferred vacation ownership provider, they too offer unique destinations in both the USA and internationally.

There are many, many more so if it sounds like something you are interested in or you just fancy a bit of a freebie get online and get looking!